In this evolving era of hospitality industry –the competition is fierce and the modern day traveller is empowered and focussed. Constantly moving, Constantly Packing and unpacking, different meals, different time zones, different countries- That’s how a modern day traveller rolls. Whether an environmentally conscious traveller or business traveller, guests are demanding more out of their hotel stays than ever before. So, what can be done by the hotels to create a wholesome guest experience to accommodate a guest’s every whim?

Of all the elements that make up the complicated business of planning, designing and operating a hotel, it is often the small details like Amenities, which your property will be judged on. A well documented fact that the two most important aspects in a luxury hotel stay are 'the bed' and 'the bath' experience. These are two areas a hotel should never compromise for a discerning guest. Today’s travellers aren’t looking for just a soap, shampoo and conditioner; they are looking for an experience, and something they can relate to. Fragrance and scent are as memorable as taste and selecting the right products will not only enhance your guest experience, but create a 'scent memory' for your hotel.

A good case in point is the decision over which toiletries and amenities your guests will find in their bathroom. For many choosy guests, this is as crucial as the comfort of the bed. Indeed, they help a hotel build their luxury credentials.

Does this part of the guest experience mean taking some of those high-end amenities home? According to a latest survey done by hotels.com, a leading online accommodation website, 75% of the travellers walk into the hotel room, rush to have a sneak peek into their bathrooms. Around 60 % of these guests take away the amenities home as they couldn’t resist the appeal of the luxury body wash, luscious shampoo, silky creams and aromatic hand soap.

"If you take it, then you must have liked it," says Scott Mitchell, director of design and development for Marriott International.And, a cherry on the cake would be the guests thinking of your hotel stay when they use those bottle of toiletries later on.

No wonder the hotel industry is experiencing a saga of novel changes. A modern day guest experience is all about feeling safe, comfortable, empowered, and pampered. Perhaps, the selection of appropriate toiletries and guest amenities helps achieve that all-encompassing travel delight to deliver a comfortable, blissful and memorable hotel stay.