Kimirica was started by Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain in 2013 with a vision to tap the 20 Billion dollars Personal Care industry in India. They entered the market through a very unique route of luxury hotels and quickly built-up a niche clientele.

At a point when almost 75% toiletries and amenities were imported from China by the International Hotel Chains in India, this duo managed to bring most chains on-board for their supplies. Today International Chains like Marriott, Hyatt, Sofitel and Westin are trusting Kimirica as their preferred partner. Kimirica Ventures is now a group of companies with a diverse portfolio of ventures catering to industries including personal care, hospitality, IT and edible products.


Kimirica Hunter International

In 2017, Kimirica did a strategic partnership with Hunter Amenities International – Canada, one of the world's largest companies in the same business domain. Now known as Kimirica Hunter International, together they make more than 100 international & in-house brands for the hotels & airlines. Currently operating from 90,000 square feet space with around 500 people in Indore, Kimirica will soon open-up the world’s first Hotel Amenity Park, adding more products and services for the hospitality sector.

Kimirica Luxury Retail

Owing to a huge demand from the guests for the products, Kimirica took the next step towards its vision and entered into the fast-growing retail space with Kimirica as the primary brand. Although majorly focusing on online sales, Kimirica also made strong physical presence by opening stores at major airports and their hotel partners across the country. In the next 5 years they want to make it their largest revenue generating business.

Cleansense Personal Hygiene

Tapping the opportunity in the current scenario, they have recently entered the personal hygiene space and launched the brand Cleansense with products such as sanitizer, soaps, handwashes, and more. In the General Trade Segment; they have already reached up to 20,000 retailers across 5 states in India.

Bombay Island Coffee Company

A start-up by Rupal & Vineet Jain, Bombay Island takes inspiration from the Third wave coffee movement. It brings premium and custom-roasted coffee beans for the best bean to cup experience.

Kimirica Ventures invested in Bombay Island to provide their hotel partners to deliver the best coffee experience in the country.

Prefme - Mobile App

Committed towards the development of a unique Technology Product for the Hospitality & Travel industry since 2016, their futuristic vision has come live recently with Prefme, a mobile app solution that enables hotel partners to deliver safe, seamless and personalized guest experience. Elevating hospitality through incredible features like global hotel profiling, eat & stay guest preferences, multilingual chat, contactless check-in/out, digital loyalty cards, in-app service booking, in-room dining, food compatibility scanner & more. Prefme brings the innovation that luxury hotels and travellers were looking for long-time.

Pataa Technologies

Pataa Technologies is another brainchild from Rajat & Mohit, solving the problem of unorganized addressing that costs 10-14 Billion dollars annually to India. This digital addressing technology simplifies commuting, navigation, logistics and last-mile delivery.

The phenomenal growth of Kimirica Ventures has been shaped by its values of encouraging innovation, delivering excellence and upholding its commitments. It aims to be a game changer in the world of value-added products and services with focus on sustainability.

Key Members at Kimirica Ventures

Rajat Jain - Founder & Managing Director, Rajat emulates the organization’s core value of leadership, development and growth.

Mohit Jain - Mohit is Co-founder & CEO at Kimirica Hunter International. He has been instrumental in increasing organization’s reach to customers worldwide and establishing value for the brand.

Kimi Jain - Kimi heads the Luxury Retail division at Kimrica. Her expertise in e-commerce and marketing has been invaluable in achieving accelerated growth in the retail sector.

Rica Jain - Rica has extensive experience in the area of quality assurance. As the director of Quality assurance, she makes sure that every product, process and service adheres to Industry standards.